Pastoral care

The pastorate has been mandated by God to shepherd the affairs of the congregation and also to ensure lives are molded in accordance with God’s direction. This team is approachable for counselling and mentoring, prayers, and all sorts of ministerial assignment.

Team Logos and Rhema (Bible study)

Our Bible study is loaded with revelations of God’s world and the team ensures we are fed and we also flourish in the undiluted word of God.

Prayer Team

We have a vibrant prayer army that intercedes and tarries before the throne room of God. Our prayer moment is infused in thanksgiving and mercy, warfare, deliverance, prophecy, and divine impartation.

Minstrels of Jubal (Choir)

The music team consists of minstrels with the Spirit of praise to always usher us into God’s presence.

Family fellowship

The family unit plays a vital role in the one to one interracial fellowship and togetherness, and house evangelism of the church.

Technical and Ushering
This team ensures the coordination of technicalities and order of conduct during our meetings.